Ethnic Inclusivity in Planning

The Ecumenical Responsibility Week highlights human rights defenders. Among the human rights in need of defending and defenders, are the minority rights.
In this event, we will hear from architects who within their profession and work, actively highlight the importance of ethnic inclusiveness in urban planning. 
  • Arvind Ramachandran is an urban designer, an architect, stand-up comedian, organiser and artist currently based in Helsinki. His work focuses on confronting visible and invisible oppressive structures operating in contemporary society, especially as they affect those without class, caste, gender and race privileges. Arvid is one of the founders of Apaja architecture collective, co-organises the Feminist and Anti-Racist Night School and co-hosts PoC Open Mic Helsinki.
  • Hossam Hewidy teaches Urban Planning at the Aalto University and is doing a Doctorate on Ethnic Diversity in Planning.
  • Humphrey Kalanje is a former teacher at Aalto University and currently doing a Doctorate on Ethnic Diversity in Planning.
  • 2 panelists to be confirmed later.
Please, pre-registrate (due to COVID-19) by 19 October to
The Mikael Agricola Church, Tehtaankatu 23
Friday 23 October at 17'00-18'30 (5PM - 6. 30PM)
Alkamisajankohta tapahtumien järjestystä varten
Pe, 10/23/2020 - 17:00
Anglican Church of St Nicholas